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  1. Town of Weston's Dog Log

    Town Officials want to learn more about user experience on Weston's conservation land and trails, particularly as it pertains to dog-related interactions. This information will help us to better understand the level of compliance with Weston's Dog By-law, to see if any patterns emerge regarding dog-related interactions, and to determine how well our dog policies are working. There are no plans to change the trail-use policy or dog by-law currently in place. The by-law represents the shared wisdom of the community. It is a social compact that enables all users to safely and confidently share our common land, and protects our treasured open space.

    If you have a dog-related experience you wish to share -- whether good, bad, or neutral -- please describe it below.

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  7. Weston's Animal Control Officer (ACO) will monitor and analyze this information to discern patterns of human and dog interactions. If it appears that certain individuals or dogs are responsible for an inordinate number of complaints, the ACO will follow up with those individuals and may take further action as necessary.
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