What type of proposals will receive priority?

The Weston Cultural Council recently conducted a town-wide survey to help set priorities for funding. These priorities include, but are not limited to the Arts — including the performing arts (e.g. music, theater, film), visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography), crafts, folk, design, and interdisciplinary arts; the Humanities — including history, social studies, philosophy, criticism, and literature; and the Interpretive Sciences — including lectures and activities to engage people in nature, science, and technology in ways that connect to their lives. Grant applicants are not required to be Weston residents; good quality, entertaining and sustainable programs from non-residents will be considered, particularly if the program is of particular interest to Weston. Applicants are encouraged to work with local institutions such as the Weston Public Library, the Arts and Innovation Center, and the Council on Aging to secure a venue in advance for their program. Programming can be in-person, online, hybrid, or hands-on where appropriate.

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1. What is the role of the Weston Cultural Council?
2. Who qualifies for Weston Cultural Council funding?
3. What type of proposals will receive priority?
4. Are there any requirements for receiving grants?
5. How much funding can I ask for?
6. What types of projects have been funded in the past?
7. What is the grant application deadline?
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