Why should I sign into WestonAlerts and set preferences?

When emergencies happen, Town Officials will use the emergency notification system to send official, real-time alerts to the public with information about potentially life-saving actions or time-sensitive matters. Signing into WestonAlerts, which is powered by Smart911, will allow you to set your preferred communication method such as your cell phone, text message, and/or email. Only landlines are automatically uploaded into the system so if you do not utilize your landline, it is important to register your preferred device.

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1. Why should I sign into WestonAlerts and set preferences?
2. What is Smart911?
3. Can you guarantee that I will receive emergency notifications if I register?
4. Will I receive alerts if I don't sign up?
5. What type of alerts will I receive?
6. Can I call the alert phone number back or reply back to the email?
7. When will I start receiving alerts?
8. How do I update or remove my notification preferences and contact information used by WestonAlerts?
9. How often will I receive alerts?
10. How does the WestonAlerts/Smart911 system respond to busy signals or no-answer situations?
11. Will my information be disclosed or shared?
12. What precautions are taken to protect personal contact information stored in the WestonAlerts/Smart911 system?