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Not having a way to clean up after your dog is against the law!

If you’ve ever walked the conservation trails in Weston, you may have noticed something rather unpleasant. While dogs are roaming and enjoying the great outdoors, they are also doing their business in the woods, in the fields, on the trailside and even on the trails. Most dog owners clean up after their pooches – and we thank you for that! You are the “A+ picker uppers!”

Other folks may not realize how harmful dog waste can be to the environment and may think it will decompose with time. This is “looks away and whistles” avoidance as your dog is depositing his previous meal nearby. If you are in this category, please continue reading! Dog waste contains millions of coliform bacteria – among many other types- which can cause illness in humans and pets alike. Dog waste can also attract rodents and pollute our water systems. Not picking it up is also against the law!

Another category of dog owners practice “bag and abandon” neglect. The plastic waste bag will not decompose and is just as unsightly as leaving poo. The bags may have been left with the intent to return and remove at the end of the walk; however, all too often they’re forgotten and left behind.  It’s also against the law! If you are going to do half the job and bag it, be sure to finish the job and bin it! Trail users must observe the carry in-carry out doctrine that governs our conservation lands.

Expect a warning, then a fine.

We’ve recognized that a fair number of dog-walking trail users are not picking up because they simply forgot a bag. This summer, Weston’s Animal Control Officer will be helping everyone to create a new habit that will help lead to less waste on the trails. That habit is always having a bag with you! If you walk the trails with your pooch and see our uniformed Animal Control Officer, expect to be asked if you have a cleanup bag on hand.  If you don’t, you can also expect her to hand you a warning and a bag! After September 1st, the warnings can lead to a fine. So let’s work on being the “poo bag toting” kind of dog walkers this summer!
For more information on Dog Walking in Weston please visit www.weston.org/DogWalking

The Animal Control Officer has a blog, check out Animal Control Corner on the Town's website.

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