2015 Statements of Interest

The Josiah Smith Tavern and Old Library Working Group assembled a chart, summarizing the nine Statements of Interest received. The sponsoring organizations presented their proposals during a public presentation on October 17, 2015 allowing a question and answer period for residents in attendance. The statements of interest can be found in the chart below, along with the accompanying presentation. 

After the public presentation, the JST/OL Working Group met with each organization to ask more detailed questions about the proposed reuse ideas. Meeting minutes and accompanying documents are available online

On December 3rd, the Working Group conducted a thorough discussion on the relative merits of the reuse proposals that were received, in order to formulate initial recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.  As always, the Working Group values input from town residents and offered an extended period for resident comments during this meeting


The Working Group met with the Board of Selectmen on December 22nd to present its recommendations for the reuse of the two buildings. The committee unanimously recommended the Weston Art & Innovation Center in the Old Library and the Friends of the Josiah Smith Tavern in the Tavern, Barn and Connector. The recommendation presentation can be viewed by clicking here and a summary can be reviewed on the Recommended Reuse page. 

The Working Group hosted two public forums for residents to learn more and to ask questions of these recommended sponsors. 

2016 Annual Town Meeting

Voters overwhelmingly approved the design fees for the Art & Innovation Center in the Old Library.  
Sponsoring Organization Property Concept Summary
Artport One: Weston's Creative Commons Old Library only

Create a center devoted to ‘communal creativity’ integrating exhibition space for visual arts, a digital media education facility and start-up incubation offices as well as culinary and wellness programming. Likely in conjunction with the New Art Center of Newton. Click for Statement of Interest. Click for Presentation

Brook School Apts. (Elderly Housing Committee) Old Library only

Construct seven to nine age-restricted apartment homes, which would be available at market rates and at least two of the units would be for low-income, age-restricted tenants. Click for Statement of Interest. Click for Presentation.

New England Water Color Society (NEWS)

Old Library only

Create art gallery and workshop space to "practice and appreciate the art of water media" and serve as a home for NEWS, a 130-year-old visual arts organization. Upper and mezzanine levels would be open to public for rotating exhibitions (every 3-4 weeks), receptions, demonstrations, workshops, classes and other events. NEWS may facilitate workshops beyond the watercolor medium. Facility would be owned by Weston and rented to NEWS with management overseen by existing NEWS Board and volunteers. Click for Statement of Interest. Click for Presentation.

Weston Art & Innovation Center (Weston Library & Weston Media Center)

Old Library only

Make the Old Library a branch of the Library specifically for an "arts and technology learning center that provides multiple types of hands on instruction for all ages" with cultural learning and event space in the historic reading room, maker spaces in the ‘stacks’ area and a film studio in the second floor office. Offices & work space for the Weston Media Center would be in the lower level. Weston Public Library (WPL) and Weston Media Center (WMC) would jointly manage the center and develop/ implement programming with additional oversight from the existing WPL and WMC boards. Click for Statement of Interest. Click for Presentation.

Friends of the JST JST only

Restore JST to active use that would house a revenue-generating culinary center in the Barn, and subsidized space for local non-profit tenants in the Tavern. The culinary center would be a ‘non-profit restaurant and function space operating in conjunction with an academic partner [prospective lead academic partner to be announced] under professional and faculty management’. The culinary center would be available for adult education classes, demonstrations and dinners. The Tavern will be kept intact and the space available at a reduced rate to local tenants. Click for Statement of Interest. Click for Supplement Statement.

Historic Gateway to Weston

Both OL and JST

Lease to a 60-80 seat ‘casual’ restaurant in stacks area of the OL with the reading room to serve as both a small bar/seating area & as art gallery/function space. OL lower level could be offices for WHS or other use. JST would become rental office space, with ballroom as function room managed by WCL, who would remain a tenant in the Barn and Connector. Click for Statement of Interest. Click for Presentation.

Historic Weston

Both OL and JST

Historic Weston would work with Town to acquire (lease or purchase) JST/OL site, renovate buildings, develop and implement preservation plan and subsequently oversee the management of the property. This entity would serve as a "landlord," leasing different spaces to local nonprofits. Click for Statement of Interest. Click for Presentation.

Women's Community League

JST only

Expression of interest to remain in the Barn section of the JST. Click for Statement of Interest.

Weston Historical Society


Expression of interest in leasing space in either the JST or the OL. Click for Statement of Interest.