Textile Recycling

Textiles, such as rags and shoes, can greatly contribute to the solid waste stream. Textile recycling industries claim that 95% of all unwanted textiles can be recycled: 45% as usable clothing, 20% fiber conversion (pillow stuffing, household insulation, car seat stuffing, etc.), and 30% wiping cloth grade.  

Several charitable organizations that have bins at the Transfer Station, such as Goodwill, WILL accept the following: 

  • ALL clothing and footwear - even worn out or damaged
  • old rags (nothing wet/moldy or contaminated with hazardous substances)
  • bed and kitchen linens
  • curtains 
  • and other textiles (stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, throw rugs, etc.)

The Transfer Station also has its own textile bin, specifically marked as Weston with proceeds going back to the town.

In fiscal year 2017, the Transfer Station recycled 141,327 pounds of textiles, which means 71 tons of materials was diverted from the solid waste stream and saved the town $4,686 in disposal fees.

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