Housing Production Plan

A Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a proactive and studied means towards developing affordable housing that is in keeping with the Town's own affordable housing policies and preferences (PDF).  

The HPP is not a construction plan, but more specifically is intended to communicate to the state how Weston can address its affordable housing responsibilities. This plan contains three elements, which outlines for the state:

  • a comprehensive assessment of Weston's housing needs
  • affordable housing goals to meet the needs
  • strategies towards achieving the goals

Updating the Housing Production Plan - 2021

In 2015, Weston developed its first plan. The document is valid for five years. 

In September of 2020, the Select Board appointed a new Housing Production Plan Steering Committee to work with a housing consultant to update Weston's HPP. All meetings of the Steering Committee are open to the public. Subscribe to receive notification of when the meeting agendas are posted online.

Read the state's guidelines for producing a Housing Production Plan (PDF).

2015 Housing Production Plan

The 2015 plan was drafted by a housing consultant and overseen by a Select Board-appointed committee. Once the HPP was drafted, it was presented in two different public hearings in order to solicit resident feedback. After receiving public comment, the HPP was jointly approved by the Select Board (April 26, 2016) and the Planning Board (May 18, 2016) before it was submitted to the state for approval.

The Department of Housing and Community Development approved Weston's HPP on June 28, 2016. 

The following documents were used in developing the final 2015 HPP.