South Side Drainage Project

Phases I and II of the project are complete and only Phase III remains. This phase consists of replacing most of the key drainage infrastructure in the areas of Ledgewood and Shady Hill Roads. See the Overall Site Plan as of July 30, 2021 (PDF).

An abutter information session was held by the contracted engineering firm and Weston's Town Engineer on August 5, 2021. A PDF of the presentation is available online for review. The meeting was recorded, as well.

Overhead View of the Drainage Infrastructure Built During Phase II

Overhead view of the Pond Brook Circle drainage infrastructure

Project Background

A study was conducted in 2011 to develop long term plans for drainage improvements to alleviate chronic flooding problems that have plagued the area for many years. Wright-Pierce Environmental Engineering Firm of New England was engaged to complete the study phase of the project, which included data gathering to quantify the size, condition and location of the various drainage systems that serve these areas, as well as interviewing town staff to understand the nature and severity of flooding problems, modeling the hydrology of this area and hydraulics of the systems, and then developing alternative designs for drainage improvements.

The drainage study of the area included:

  • Glen Road
  • Ledgewood Road
  • Pond Brook Circle
  • Shady Hill Road
  • Wellesley Street
  • Woodchester Drive


The project is being overseen by the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division, working with Wright-Pierce Environmental Engineering Firm of New England.

Neighborhood Drainage Study Documents