Weston Community Gardens

The Weston Community Gardens provide a beautiful and active public space for community members to grow organic produce and flowers.

Weston Community Gardeners enjoy access to full or half-sized fenced garden plots, water lines, compost areas, and a community of other gardeners. Over 60 households utilize the gardens each year and make up a wonderful cross-section of people: young and old, veteran and newcomer, families with children and retirees.

The Weston Community Gardens provide a true sense of community for its participants.


Volunteers organize and maintain the gardens for the enjoyment of all. The gardens are located on land owned by the Town of Weston and managed by the Conservation Commission.


The Weston Community Gardens (click for map) are located on the east side of Merriam Street, between Concord Road and Sunset Road.
Wooden Gate Entangled in Vines
Community Gardens Tractor and Cart