Non-point Source Pollution

Non-point source (NPS) pollution (stormwater runoff) is defined as pollution that comes from many diffuse sources and is caused by rainfall or snow melt when it picks up and carries away natural and man-made pollutants and deposits them into lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

If we all do our individual parts in reducing non-point source pollution, together we can greatly improve the conditions of our lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

Preventing Non-Point Source Pollution (Stormwater Runoff)

  • Use fertilizers sparingly
  • Regularly inspect and pump your septic system
  • NEVER dump anything into a storm drain
  • Replant disturbed soil as soon as possible
  • Regularly maintain your automobile to prevent fluid leaks
  • Dispose of hazardous waste properly at Weston’s annual Hazardous Waste Collection Day
  • Direct roof drains away from bare surfaces and bare soil
  • If you must wash your car at home, wash it on the lawn to encourage infiltration and use low phosphate detergents in small amounts
  • Pick up and properly dispose of dog waste
  • Clean up spills of vehicle fluids and household chemicals promptly and properly
  • Volunteer to help place storm drain markers at strategic locations around Town

Car Care & Maintenance Tips

  • Recycle motor oil and antifreeze
  • Use commercial car washes that recycle wash water
  • Use low-phosphate detergents when washing your car at home
  • Check for fluid leaks regularly

Lawn & Yard Care Tips

  • Mulch leaves and grass clippings - clear away from sidewalks and storm drains
  • Reduce the size of your lawn by utilizing decorative rock gardens, natural vegetation, or native landscaping
  • Use organic lawn care products
  • Do not overuse fertilizer
  • Replant bare areas to discourage soil erosion