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Our on-demand programs cover a diverse range of subjects related to health & wellness, aging, travel destinations, cooking, events, and more to fit your interests. Check out our library and click on the images for the direct link to the recording.

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Health and Wellness
close-up photograph of a blue eye with electronic images circling pupil and eyeThe Aging Eye: Preventing and Treating Eye Disease
birds-eye photograph of allergen foods: oranges, chocolate, peanuts, nuts, eggs, pomegranate, mushrooms, milk
Food Allergies Versus Food Sensitivities

torso of a person in white clothes holding their side and stomach with overlapping image of crooked spine in red indicating painImproving Posture with the Alexander Technique
man asleep in bed with head on pillowSleeping Well: Sleep Disorders and Tips for a Better Sleep
ayurveda image of torso and head of a man with lines spreading from body to outside of photo
Using Ayurvedic Wisdom to Boost Your Immunity
outline of shoulder and chest with red heart and veins indicating cardiovascular system Cardiac Q&A
close up of a blue eye and wrinkled faceLiving with Low Vision

yellow background and woman with pigtails eyes closed and hands at her chest taking a deep breathAyurvedic Approach to Pranayama: The Power of Breath
woman at the ocean with holding her hands together with eyes closed in meditationPosture and Breathing 
with Regis College Occupational Therapy Students
skeleton of shoulder and ribcageAn Ayurvedic Perspective on Bone Health
person holding hand up to their ear, red dot on ear with circles around itHearing Loss: Everything You've Wanted to Know

pill bottle with spilled pills on 100 dollar bill and syringePrograms and Strategies to Lower Prescription Costs
person holding flowers with their hand on top of a casket
Funerals 101
large tree with many roots above groundAfter Death: Exploring More Options
pill bottles with labels and filled with white pills
Medication Safety
man with hand in blue shirt using a button fastener
Assistive Devices for Aging in Place
close up of 2 hands clasping another's handSpringwell Inc. Info Session: Supports Available to Older Adults
Town of Weston Library logo and reads: weston public llibrary how to use the weston public library at homeHow to Use the Weston Public Library at Home

compost crate filled with food and waste
Recycling and Composting in Weston

gable of a house with solar panelsEnergy Efficiency and Solar for Your Home

A Virtual Journey Around the Globe
Sagrada Familia cathedral with rainbow in backgroundGaudi's Barcelona
lagoon, mountains, and hydrangeasAzores
image of a white building with red roofs on a riverBudapest
buildings with lights reflecting on the riverBratislava
two strings and one close-up of red paper lanterns with tasslesChinese New Year
building tops against a blue sky
Six bags of colored powder, one with a spoon
Travel to India to Celebrate Holi, the "Festival of Colors"
Chinese building in the forbidden city, blue sky
The Forbidden City
Smiling woman holding a mapTraveling Solo... and Loving It

tray of dumplingsDumplings Around the World
birds eye view of roasted chicken with rosemary and a half lemon on wooden tableFall Recipes
close-up of seedsAyurvedic Winter Desserts
vegetables and fruits in rows of green, yellow, red
Cooking for Self-Care:
A Diversity of Foods
corner of a pizza, crust, sauce, cheese, spinach, and small tomato slices
Debunking Food Fads and Myths: Pizza at Home
white bowl filled with white chicken chili, tortilla strips, red onion, sliced jalapeños, and a slice of lime
One Pot Meal:
White Chicken Chili
bowl filled with quinoa on table spoon with quinoa, lemon, cattor, tomatoes, broccoli, half orange bell pepper
Quinoa Bowls with Sweet & Smoky Vegetables

History and Current Events
front of a yellow house with white picket fence and green lawnLongfellow House: Where American Character and Culture Were Shaped
red white and blue buttons with stars that read vote and 2020
The 2020 Presidential Election: An Election Like No Other
blue and white mug with chocolate bar
Massachusetts Chocolate History
Untitled design (2)
Lowell Cemetery Tour:
Rich in History
architecture opera house st basils icon
Sydney Opera House and St. Basils Cathedral
white round building with black windows
Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer

white paper that says story with glasses sitting on topHow to Save a Life: Writing an Autobiography
woman wearing black leotard dancing with red billowing material on a black backgroundUnderstanding Modern Dance
shelves with folded towels, blanket, white wicker basketGetting Organized
woman letting go of an owl and it flying awayBirds of Prey
dance and drum
Afro-Caribbean Dancing and Drumming