Public Tree Maintenance Plan

Aerial photo of Townhall

Beginning in 2017, a multi-phase Tree Inventory was conducted to survey Weston’s public Right of Way (RoW) trees. Despite the town’s seemingly robust tree population, a surprising 66% of the trees were rated in “Fair”, “Poor” or “Critical” condition. These findings mean that a high number of Weston’s 15,000+ street trees are highly susceptible to storm failure, drought impact, pest infestation, and disease. 

The Public Tree Management Plan (PTMP) was developed to reduce the risk and improve the health of Weston’s public street trees. Better management of these trees will mean fewer fallen trees, fewer road closures and power outages, reduced costs for storm cleanup, and more predictable budgets.

 (as of 2019)
Excellent: 0%
Very Good: 1%
Good: 27%
Fair: 55%
Poor: 10%
Critical: 2%
Dead: 5%
Benchmarking research for the PTMP shows the average condition of public street trees in communities east of Interstate 495 to be 60% “good” compared to 27% for Weston

The Public Tree Management Plan (PTMP) details recommended actions to improve the health and longevity of Weston’s public street trees within available financial and operational resources. 

Risk ReductionPreventative MaintenancePlanting Strategy

For Weston, appropriate tree management requires efficient and effective tree care, increased and targeted tree plantings to maintain age and species diversity, timely management of at-risk’ trees, and the preservation and enhancement of canopy coverage townwide to strengthen the many benefits that trees provide to the community. 

Summary of Recommended Actions 

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Remove the 50 high-risk trees identified in 2019 – Tree Inventory in year 1. 
Contract removals of other trees (i.e., moderate-risk trees) in subsequent years as needed . 
Conduct tree risk mitigation pruning for 150 trees per year. 
Remove invasives and competing undesirables at tree removal locations. 
Perform rejuvenation maintenance for 70 trees per year. 
Replant where high-risk trees were removed. 
Replant where other tree removals take place. 

Updated phased inventory of public street trees.