Medical Reserve Corps

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) units function as part of local emergency preparedness teams. They supplement existing resources such as the Red Cross and local public health, fire, police, and emergency management services. The result is a collaborative, local effort that is prepared for small and large-scale public health events and emergencies.

Each MRC is organized to best suit the unique characteristics of its area. Recruiting, training, and organizing medical and non-medical individuals to strengthen their communities through volunteerism are at the core of the MRC concept. 

Join the Weston Emergency Reserve Corp

Weston needs you! Join the Weston Emergency Reserve Corp (WERC), a volunteer organization that exists to strengthen the Town’s public health infrastructure and improve emergency readiness. It does this by arranging for the coordination, training, and mobilization of medical and non-medical volunteers to be able to support disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery, as well as to provide emergency medical assistance and public health outreach.

WERC is sponsored by Weston's Department of Public Health, but as the Weston Branch of the Medical Reserve Corps it exists as a part of a dynamic network of local, regional, and national organizations dedicated to rapid, safe, and effective crisis response.