2023 Annual Town Meeting

Annual Town Meeting will be held on Monday, May 8th, 2023 in the Auditorium and Gymnasium at Weston High School. 

Find a description and process on the Town Meeting Procedure web page and the Guide to Town Meeting Procedure (PDF).

2023 Warrant & Budget Book

Article Meeting Results Presentations/ Additional Information
Article 1: Town Election   WestonMA.gov/TownElection
Article 2: FY24 Operating Budget Passed by 
Yes: 478 No: 39
Consent Agenda: Articles 3 - 16
Article 3 - Appropriate for Open Space
Article 4 - OPEB Trust Fund
Article 5 - Accept Ch. 90 Road Funds
Article 6 - Approve Property Tax Deferral 
Income Limits
Article 8 - Water Main Rehabilitation(PDF)
Article 9 - FY24 Recreation Enterprise 
Budget (PDF)
Article 10 - FY24 Brook School Apts. 
Enterprise Budget (PDF)
Article 11 - FY24 Public Access               
Article 12 - FY24 Operating 
Expenses/Capital Items
 Article 13 - Easement to Verizon at 
Land's Sake Farm (90 Wellesley Street)
Article 14 - Vote to Establish Opioid 
Settlement Stabilization Fund
Article 15 - Ministerial Amendments to 
Article XX of the Town Bylaws (Dog Bylaws)
Article 16 - Appropriate for Community 
Housing- Regional Housing Services 
Office & Housing Trust Staff Support
Passed 2/3 Majority: 
Articles 3-16
Yes: 435 No: 34 
Articles in a consent agenda are taken under one vote unless 
there is a request from at least 10 voters to remove an 
Article 17 - Amend General Bylaws- Wetlands Protection Bylaw Passed by Majority
 Yes: 311 No:148
Wetlands Protection Bylaw
Article 18 - FY24 Community Preservation Committee Operating Budget Passed by Majority
 Yes: 358 No: 30
Article 19 - Appropriate for Open Space - 
Case Estates - Rhododendron Garden 
Motion Failed. 
Yes: 182 No:187
Article 20 - Appropriate for Recreational Use -
Build Pickleball Courts and 
Rehabilitate Tennis and Basketball Courts 
at Burchard Park
Passed by Majority
Yes: 226 No: 137
Article 21 - Appropriate for Water Tank Replacement                          Passed by Majority
Yes: 237 No: 15
Visit the Town's Water System Master Plan Upgrades & Replacements webpage for more information
Article 22: Amend Chapter 27 of the Acts of 2008: 
An Act Authorizing the Town of Weston to Grant a 
License for the Sale of Wines and Malt Beverages at a Food Store (as supplied by petitioners)
Passed by Majority
Yes: 153 No: 64
View the Warrant for additional information.