Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Transfer Station Information

Residents may take their household recycling and solid waste to the Town's Transfer Station, located at 195 Church Street, Weston, MA 02493. A permit is required for entry and permits must be renewed annually by September 30th. The Town of Weston Transfer Station utilizes a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) solid waste disposal program. This program encourages increased recycling and reuse opportunities, as well as provide a more equitable approach in how all users of the transfer station dispose of their household garbage. Learn more about how you can purchase or renew a transfer station permit sticker. 

Set amount Transfer Station Pay As You Throw (PAYT) bags for the Town’s trash disposal program are available based on specified criteria for low income households as listed below:

1. The individual requesting the $5 vehicle sticker is a resident of Weston, with a current  Weston census form on file, and does not live in a housing complex with onsite trash and recycling collection. Vehicle stickers will only be distributed upon request of the needy individual. Determination of need shall be made by the Weston Council on Aging Director or designee or the Town Manager or designee. If, in the opinion of the COA Director/Town Manager, a person should avail themselves of this program, it may be offered.

2. Eligibility shall be determined as follows:

a. The gross household income is: a) equal to or less than the Median Income Limits used for low income housing for the Boston area, as published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Both earned and unearned income, including taxable and non-taxable income, will be included in calculating household income. Valid proof of household income is required, such as the most recent filed tax return(s) for all household members.


b. The household is receiving assistance through some type of federal or state program for low income families (i.e. fuel assistance, SNAP benefits, free or reduced priced meals for the school lunch program), proof of which shall be provided in the form of the most recent income certification documentation from a federal or state agency.


c. The household has been determined by the Board of Assessors to be eligible to receive the CPA exemption.

3. The distribution of a vehicle sticker to other needy individuals not meeting the above criteria will be allowed with the advance written approval of the Town Manager or his/her designee, if in his/her opinion, short-term circumstances (e.g., temporary economic dislocation or other similar condition) of the applicant warrants special consideration.

Past eligibility is not a guarantee of continued eligibility.