The Sour 16

The Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Watershed Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (SuAsCo CISMA), of which Weston is a part, has identified 16 priority invasive plants that are the heaviest invaders in our area and the most difficult to eradicate. These Sour 16” invasive plant species are listed here, with links to SuAsCo CISMA’s fact sheets on each species, including a description, control recommendations, and alternative plantings.

Common NameScientific Name
Autumn Olive
(Elaeagnus umbellata)
Black Swallowwort
(Cynanchum louiseae syn: Cynanchum nigrum)
Burning Bush
(Euonymus alatus)
Bush Honeysuckle
(Lonucera maackii, Lonicera morrowii, Lonicera tatarica, Lonicera x bella)
Common Reed
(Phragmites australis)
Eurasian Watermilfoil
(Myriophyllum spicatum)
Garlic Mustard
(Alliaria petiolata)
Glossy Buckthorn
(Frangula alnus)
Japanese Barberry
(Berberis thunbergii)
Japanese Knotweed
(Fallopia japonica)
Multiflora Rose
(Rosa multiflora)
Oriental Bittersweet
(Celastrus orbiculatus)
Purple Loosestrife
(Lythrum salicaria)
Spotted Knapweed
(Centaurea stoebe)
(Ailanthus altissima)
Water Chestnut
(Trapa natans)