Water System Master Plan Upgrades & Replacements

A Plan

In June 2019, a Water System Master Plan was completed by the Town of Weston in conjunction with the consultant, Wright-Pierce. The purpose of the study was to have an independent and comprehensive evaluation of the Town’s water system; including the age and condition of the current water storage tanks and to identify recommendations for improvements to sustain the reliability of the system to meet expected demand conditions and satisfy regulatory requirements over the next 20-year planning period.

Town Initiatives 

The Water System Master Plan determined that under existing conditions, the system has essentially no active storage, and will worsen over time. Currently, Doublet Hill, Cat Rock, and Paines Hill tanks do not adequately serve the residents and are nearing the end of life according to the Water System Master Plan. To learn more about the proposed project, view the January 11th, 2022 Select Board meeting.

The water tanks were constructed in 1958 (Paines Hill), 1931 (Doublet Hill), and 1946 (Cat Rock).