Sharps Disposal Information

Disposal of Needles & Syringes
State law bans disposal of needles / syringes in recycling or trash streams.

Household Sharps Disposal Information
What Are Household Sharps?
Needles and lancets used at home to inject medicine into people or pets.

Why Is Disposal of Household Sharps Important?
Properly disposing of sharps prevents accidental injury of waste handlers and environmental contamination. A new state law took effect July 1, 2012 that prohibits people from disposing of needles and lancets in the trash.

How Do I Store Used Sharps Until Disposal?
  1. Place sharps in an approved rigid, puncture-resistant, shatter-proof sharps container. Containers can be obtained at your local pharmacy.
  2. If you do not have an approved sharps container you may use a ridged laundry detergent bottle labeled as “Sharps Container”
  3. Use the container until it is nearly full and then tightly close the lid
  4. Reinforce the lid with tape to prevent accidental opening of the container
  5. There is no time limit for keeping containers. It is best to nearly fill them to make this program cost effective.
Where Do I Take My Household Sharps?
Weston residents only with valid transfer station stickers only may drop off household sharps to the following location:
Weston Transfer Station
195 Church Street
Weston, MA 02493
Phone: 781-899-2350
Hours of Operation
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Sharps Drop Off Procedure
  1. When you arrive at the Transfer Station, let a staff member know you want to drop off sharps
  2. The staff person will direct you to the location of the proper container
  3. For everyone’s safety, sharps will not be accepted unless they are in an approved sharps container
Do’s & Don’ts of Sharps Disposal
  • Do keep sharps containers closed between uses and out of reach of children and pets
  • Do dispose of the entire container at the Weston Transfer Station
  • Don’t bring loose needles or lancets
  • Don’t put sharps containers, loose needles or lancets in the recycling or trash bin, or down the toilet
Information for Weston Businesses & Residents of Other Communities
Regulations Governing Infectious Waste
State Sanitary Code Title VIII (105 CMR 480) is administered by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. For information, call 617-624-5757.

Massachusetts Solid Waste Regulations (310 CMR 190) govern solid waste transfer and disposal facilities. For information, call 617-292-5974 or see the regulations.

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