Step 2: Flexible Development Plan

The second step in the process for a Special Permit is the submission of a Flexible Development Plan. 

An Applicant must meet with the Town Planner prior to submission of the Plan . After the Town Planner has determined that there is a complete submission, a Public Hearing date will be scheduled. At least one Public Hearing and Site Walk will be held. Typically, the Public Hearing is continued to allow the Applicant to produce additional information. The Town Planner is responsible for the Public Hearing Notice and Notice to abutters.


The Applicant must deposit additional Chapter 593 Review Fees along with Filing Fees before a Public Hearing is scheduled.


A Flexible Development Plan will deviate dramatically from the Preliminary Density Determination Plan. Prior to submission of the Flexible Plan, the Applicant is encouraged to conduct deep hole and percolation tests throughout the site so that final design of the Plan is not constrained by location of the septic systems.

Natural Features

A Flexible Development Plan shall minimize alteration to the natural features and topography of the land, avoid undue adverse impact on existing homes and neighborhoods, and preserve wooded areas and undeveloped open land along existing Town roads and within the site. 

All Flexible Developments should provide no cut buffers that are either deeded to Weston Forest and Trail Association, Inc., or preserved through deed restrictions. 

Preservation of stone walls is encouraged.

Roadway Configurations and Vegetation

Roadway configurations that follow the natural grade are encouraged including maintaining the existing horizontal and vertical profile. Width of pavement may be reduced. In planning the road design, the Applicant should give maximum consideration to preserving the existing trees and vegetation, including under story, that surround the road. All roads in a Flexible Development will remain private with maintenance carried out by a homeowners association, established as part of the Flexible Development process.

Lot Irregularity Requirement

A Flexible Development Plan is exempt from the Lot Irregularity Requirement.

Approval Process

Approval of a Flexible Development Plan is through a Special Permit process. The review period for the Plan ends 90 days from the close of the Public Hearing, unless extended by the Applicant. The Planning Board issues a Certificate of Approval with conditions. A twenty day appeal period follows filing of the Certificate of Approval with the Town Clerk.

The Board may, where such action is in the interest of good planning, in the public interest, and not inconsistent with the intent and purpose of the Subdivision Control Law, require information and impose requirements and conditions in addition to those set forth in these Regulations.