Weston is Taking Bold Action in the Face of Climate Change

WestonAheadLogoLargeFor 300 years, nature and people have flourished in Weston. Facing unprecedented challenges, it is time to come together to create Weston’s sustainable future. Weston Ahead will start with a Climate Action and Resilience Plan, factoring in our vulnerabilities, how we are contributing to a changing climate, and the opportunities we have to make positive change.

Draft Climate Action & Resilience Plan Open for Public Comment

The Town is seeking the public's comment on its draft Climate Action & Resilience Plan (CARP), which addresses greenhouse gas reductions and climate change adaptation.  Feedback through an online form will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. ET on April 29, 2021. Your comments will be reviewed by the CARP Program Team and the draft plan will be amended based on public feedback.  Your feedback matters!

When submitting comments, please make sure to reference the document page number with any comment and to include comments on separate lines, if you have multiple things to share. Thank you for taking the time to review this important document.

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Find additional information below to learn about the plan development and:

  • Educate yourself on Weston’s Climate Hazards;
  • Learn what Weston is doing to respond; and
  • Join the effort.

Climate Hazards

The Town of Weston has already experienced the impacts of a changing climate to a certain degree and we can expect to face increased impacts into the future. Weston’s top  climate hazards include

graphic buttons of climate hazards

Learn more about about the Trends and Projections of Climate Change in Weston (PDF).

How Weston is Responding

The Weston Ahead Climate Action and Resilience Plan will be developed over the course of a year from May 2020 through June 2021. It will focus on enhancing our community’s resilience to these and other hazards. We will develop the plan around five key elements and will follow six guiding principles.

The Plan Elements, depicted in the image below, represent the topics we will be assessing to enhance Weston’s resilience. They are expressed in a visionary form to reflect our goals.

graphic buttons of the 5 plan elements with text explaining each

Our Guiding Principles represent our priorities and will ensure that all actions included in the final Weston Ahead Plan are relevant and focused. These priorities include:

  • Education and Awareness
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions
  • Good Governance
  • Regeneration
  • Regional Collaboration
  • Resilience

Learn more about the plan on the Weston Ahead Flyer (PDF).

Get Involved

The Town invites all members of the community to participate in shaping the Weston Ahead Climate Action and Resilience Plan. As we develop this plan together, there are multiple ways for townspeople to help.

Climate Action Toolkit for Homeowners

The slightest change in daily habits can help reduce household greenhouse gas emissions and increase your resilience in the face of climate change. Learn how you can save money, reduce water consumption, reuse natural resources, and so much more in the Climate Action Toolkit for Homeowners (PDF) that will help you move Weston Ahead.

Be a Climate Leader

Sign up today to be a climate leader in our community to get more involved in Weston Ahead. Send your request to sustainability[at]westonma.gov to receive additional information and training on ways to support our effort.

Follow the Progress

Sign up to receive updates on the plan in your inbox. Visit Weston.org/StayInformed and find Weston Ahead under Notify Me.

You can also follow us on Facebook @WestonMass and Twitter @Town_of_Weston

Explore other sustainability activities happening in the Town of Weston and with the Sustainable Weston Action Group.


We are asking everyone in the community to make a pledge indicating what YOU will do to move Weston Ahead. Will you install solar at your home? Will you plant a pollinator garden? Will you commit to buying local food? . 

Share your pledge on our online form.

people holding signs depicting what they will do to combat climate change