Weston Art & Innovation Center

The Art & Innovation Center (AIC) opened in 2019 as a branch of the Weston Public Library. It provides hands-on learning opportunities related to art and technology for citizens of all ages. Additionally, the Weston Media Center is located in the newly restored building and allows greater community access to this important town resource.

Housed in the historic Old Library, an institution for learning and education since 1899, it is once again a place for the community to learn, create, and explore.

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As a branch of the Weston Public Library, the director of the Library is also the head of the Art & Innovation Center. The day-to-day operations of the AIC is overseen by a space manager.

A five-member Advisory Board, oversees fundraising and  programs. Visit the Leadership page on the AIC website for short bios of the members. You can also subscribe to receive notification of Advisory Board meetings and approved minutes. All meetings of the Board are open to the public.


The AIC is housed in Weston's historic library built in 1899. The building was vacated in 1996 when the Town of Weston built a new library. After being largely vacant for more than 20 years, the Weston Select Board established working group to vet proposals for the reuse of the building, as well as the adjacent historic tavern. The idea to expand the Weston Public Library programming to include a maker space was the unanimous choice for the Old Library by the working group and the November 2017 Special Town Meeting agreed when the constructions funds were approved.